Governor Veto Blessing to CoSF



Governor Nathan Deal bestowed a little blessing on the City of South Fulton by vetoing HB 131 and HB 132. The referendum bills would have allowed Fulton County residents to vote on removing the legislative cover on Fulton Industrial Blvd and placed in the City of South Fulton.

Get this... the referendum was scheduled to take place this November at the same time some 100,000 or so voters would have been going to the polls in the City of Atlanta to vote for their Mayor. Those voters would have most likely been stoked to vote against the referendum, though the referendum would have likely garnered strong support from South Fulton and North Fulton.

Atlanta has been salivating over the Fulton Industrial District for sometime. Last year, they filed a failed lawsuit seeking to annex the area without the needed annexation petition. Why? Atlanta's attempt to get landowners to sign-on went no where.

What's next? The CoSF should take the steps to symbolically annex Fulton Industrial by getting the landowners to sign petition to be annexed. The Council then can take that back to the Legislature to get the bill passed again and a likely signature from the new governor in 2018 with a

vote in May 2018.

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