Stacey L. Collier

Hello! My name is Stacey L. Collier, and I am running for City Council (District 4) in the newly established City of South Fulton. I have lived in South Fulton County for my entire life. I grew up in College Park and graduated from Westlake High School in 1998. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration at Clayton State University in 2004. I currently live in Fairburn, GA with my husband, Dennis. I have over 12 years’ experience working in higher education in the area of Enrollment Services, primarily the Financial Aid department. Those years span over three major universities, Georgia Tech, Clayton State University, and currently Emory University.

This is a very exciting time for our community, and it is crucial that we lay the foundation for a vibrant and viable city that embraces diversity and provides social, cultural, and economic opportunities for all of its residents.  Laying the foundation for our new city is an arduous undertaking that requires a systematic and comprehensive approach that addresses all service delivery areas to ensure the successful development of our city.

If elected to the City Council, I am prepared to help lay that foundation. Sound finances and financial practices are essential. My given profession has also afforded me the opportunity to work with fund management and budget development and reconciliation. In my tenure at Georgia Tech, I was the Program Coordinator for the Federal Work Study fund. My responsibilities included monthly reconciliation of the fund and annual completion of the federal application for total accountability of the fund. In three years, under my supervision, the program grew from $250,000 yearly to nearly a million dollar program. My knowledge of financial management, funds administration, and accounting principles will prove useful in managing the budget for our new city.

Effective communication and listening is paramount to ensure our city operates efficiently and all citizens have a voice. Every day I am in contact with prospective and current students, as well as their parents, educating them on the processes, policies and procedures necessary to receive financial aid, informing them of the impact certain decisions or choices made will have on their respective academic careers and, most importantly, ensuring that there is a clear understanding amongst all parties involved. If elected, I will provide effective communication and effective listening to the citizens in our community.

Other important attributes required in my line of work and in city administration include project management, interpersonal skills, and resource utilization. In addition, I have professional resources available to me in the legal/judicial and transportation sectors. I can draw on these contacts for assistance in creating the laws of our new government and establishing our first municipal judicial system or to consult on proposed legislation concerning the repair and/or expansion of our roads and the impact on our infrastructure with the potential addition of new businesses and commercial properties.

My goals are to bridge the gap of clear communication amongst local government and the community, to provide the residents with a council member who listens and successfully relays their concerns, present transparency in all areas of the budget, and fully utilize all resources available so that residents gain the most out of their government. Upon election, I vow to do my utmost to make the City of South Fulton a community its residents are proud to call home.

Stacey L. Collier
Candidate for City Council Member District 4
Vote “Collier 4 Council”
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Anthony Cunningham

My name is Anthony Cunningham and I ask for your vote for Councilman of District 4. I  have been a part of the South Fulton Community for nearly 15 years and with my wife, have raised three sons. My vision is simple. I want our community to thrive and our children to flourish. We do this by ensuring our neighborhoods are safe, our schools and teachers are supported and by welcoming new business investment and development opportunities. So, why me?

As a resident of South Fulton, I have seen a lot of change. I have seen this community affected by the financial crisis, small businesses go through periods of stagnancy and the promise of new business development never realized. As a coach of two local basketball teams and vice president of the Langston Hughes PTA, I have seen the effects of reduced parental involvement compounded with a lack of local community programs.

Community has always been very important to me. As the eldest son of a preacher and evangelist, I was raised to put God first, lead by example and be of good service to others. Those core values shaped the man I am today and paved a path to a successful career in service. I have served as Captain and firefighter at Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Company for more than 13 years. In addition, I've served more than 20 years in the United States Armed Forces and currently hold the title of Assistant Chief of Operations. In the military, we have a saying: "Either you're part of the problem or part of the solution." I want to be a part of the solution for South Fulton.

I ask for your vote for Councilman of District 4. As your Councilman, you can trust that I will lead with integrity, service and excellence. I learned how to be a great leader by knowing how to follow. I learned to be a good service man through years of service to others. Let me use my experiences to help build a better district for our families. Together, I truly believe we can develop innovative strategies and solutions to our existing problems.

Thank you.

Anthony Cunningham

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Dedrain "Dee" Franklin

My name is Dedrain “Dee” Franklin; I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia sixteen years ago, and I have been a resident of unincorporated South Fulton for eight years now. I have watched this rural location grow from a low traffic area, with minimal commercial and residential structures to a major attraction for people and business owners from all walks of life.

I work hands on in a multicultural environment where I serve as an advocate for people from various backgrounds, including kids in foster care and group homes.

With my years in government working for and with our citizens, I understand the process of getting problems solved and implemented and implementing result oriented solutions

Main Goal

Continue working in an executive management role to provide care and support for our citizens, business owners, developers, and public safety officials in District 4.


Over 30 years of experience as a professional healthcare administrative manager.
Goal-oriented individual with strong administrative and leadership skills
Organized, highly-motivated and detail oriented
Served as the Chair of the Hospitality Committee, Co-chair of the Beautification Committee and member of the Advisory Committee with the Lakes at Cedar Grove HOA.
Committee member with Keep South Fulton Beautiful
Founder and creator of The Lakes at Cedar Grove signature event “Jazz on the Lakes”
Chairperson for the Citizen Review panel for Fulton County Juvenile Justice committee
Committee member for Fulton County Health and Wellness committee


Graduate degree in Business Administration
BSBA in Business Administration
Managed and monitored a budget of over one million dollars
Successfully developed complex projects from conception to completion
Planned and executed a social gathering for 800+ residents
Recipient of the “Pillar of the Community” Award (given to individuals with outstanding leadership skills and community service)

Platform for District 4
Public Safety

Work with our citizens to improve the response time of police, fire and EMS for emergency calls taking place in the City of South Fulton
Ensure the presence of public safety officials in each South Fulton district

Environmental Protection

Initiate clean-up efforts for rivers, lakes, and ponds
Maintain a good working relationship with River Keepers to ensure lakes, rivers and ponds are tested regularly
Soil testing
Initiate monthly meetings with Keep South Fulton Beautiful

Code Enforcement

Regulate property maintenance and proper land use for all structures
Protect properties from destruction and depreciation
Work with code enforcement officials to ensure codes are followed and addressed in a timely manner

The City of South Fulton has a wealth of potential, and I think it is important for us to come together as a community and take a hands-on approach to guide the growth and development of the City of South Fulton.

Focusing on the issues in my platform and other issues facing our citizens in the City of South Fulton combined is key in maintaining a safe, sustainable municipality, one that can stand on its own and serve as a prototype.

I believe in writing the vision and making it plain for all to see and understand, with your support the vision to make the City of South Fulton a thriving city will come to fruition.

Best Regards,

Dedrain “Dee” Franklin
Candidate for City Council South Fulton District 4
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Naeema Gilyard

I am the seasoned candidate for our district with decades of community engagement work in many neighborhoods and cities including Atlanta and Unincorporated South Fulton.

I am a 37 year resident of metro Atlanta, with the last 13 years spent living in and working to make South Fulton a friendly place to live.  My service on the Fulton County Community Zoning and on the South Fulton Parkway Alliance boards have helped me to understand that smart zoning and quality development can help provide needed services and fuel quality economic development.  It can also help to provide needed services and fuel positive growth in our community.  I will ensure that our District’s zoning and economic development strategies focus on the goals of our community and adhere to environmental compliance and green space protection.

In terms of services, we have an opportunity to improve what we have and create what we need.  I will focus on policies related to performance of each department in the City, metrics to measure their  performance based on best practices and the role each department will play in the overall strategic plan of the city.

My professional career includes over 20 years at Morehouse School of Medicine as a Medical School Administrator  whose success was measured by involvement with and improvement of the community we served, while controlling costs and growing revenue, i.e., grants and clinical income.  As your Councilwoman, I will have the same goal.

For 10 years, at Emory Hospital and University, I was an Internal Operations Auditor where I performed operational audits focused on efficiency and effectiveness related to strategic plans and cost control.  As your Councilwoman, I will hold city management accountable for achievement of the City’s strategic plan in conjunction with the Mayor and other Council members.  With my operational audit experience and prior experience performing financial audits for a CPA firm for various industries including a city and profit and non-profit businesses, I bring to the table variety and a long history of business expertise.

For 11 years, I volunteered on my HOA, (a community of over 800 homeowners),  in unincorporated South Fulton including 4 years of service on the board.  We had a smooth transition from the developer to homeowners while developing and improving our amenities and financial health of our community.  I used my accounting/finance and managerial expertise to help ensure that our community operated smoothly.  As your Councilwoman, I will work to ensure that the City of South Fulton is managed effectively to provide needed services and amenities while maintaining and improving its financial health.  My HOA experience will be helpful to those in District 4 and in other Districts in addition to single homes that existed before HOAs were developed.

I have a BS degree from Temple University with majors in Accounting and Business Education and a minor in Economics.  I also have a MS degree from Central Michigan University with a major n Health Services Administration.

With my combination of community engagement, accounting/finance and business experience, I will help to transition the county to our city strategically and beyond to ensure that we have the resources we need to support our community’s vision.

My engagement has always been hands on working with communities to reach their potential.  As your Councilwoman for our city, I will work shoulder to shoulder with you, City leaders and City staff to achieve optimal results

​As your Councilwoman, I am committed to making South Fulton be the best it can be.  We will work together to make it a reality.​

For more information, visit my website at:

Detrius Jones

Detrius Jones has been a resident, business owner, and advocate of South Fulton County for over 25 years. "Caring, Committed, and Qualified," Dr. Detrius Jones will be honored to serve as your first District 4 Council Member. She will stand for South Fulton City as a place where citizens are first, families flourish, business thrives, and communities are engaged. During the initial passage from County to Cityhood, Detrius Jones will insist on a smooth transition which will include a healthy government infrastructure by recruiting top leadership in the areas of service, public safety, environment and financial viability. As your new South Fulton City, District 4, Council Member, Dr. Jones will keep constituents informed by providing valuable and timely communications via web page, monthly videos, and community town hall meetings.

Dr. Jones is a proven advocate for family engagement by serving in leadership on Georgia PTA's local, council, and state boards. Detrius Jones has encouraged community engagement and is recognized as a prestigious United Way Community Builder. As an Education Policy Fellow, Dr. Jones understands how the importance of effective policies and laws along with accountable leadership plays a vital role in fostering healthy communities. She has put her knowledge into action by collaborating with community and education stakeholders, and elected officials to craft policies, write grants, and to stand for the rights of others.

Detrius Jones, enjoys spending quality time with her husband James, and their children. Detrius takes great joy in serving her church family and her community at large. To learn more about Dr. Detrius Jones’ platform please visit,

More About Dr. Detrius Jones:

Experience Ministry Experience * Church Minister * Spear Headed the South Fulton Community National Day of Prayer * Christian Book Author * Instruct and develop church leadership teams * Instruct, develop, train and mentor clergy * Instructor for clergy ordination * Instructor for discipleship training and new members’ orientation * Instruct groups of teens and young adults in life skills * Fundraiser – awarded grants and donations from

business community for outreach ministry * Public Speaker * Church Administrator * Overseer of Women’s Ministry * 20 years of Ministry Experience * Ordained and Licensed Minister Insurance Sales/Management * Co-owner of Financial Consultant Firm * Operations Manager for Financial Consultant Firm * Over 25 years in the Financial Services Industry, Field Service and Sales

* Professional Insurance Agents License – Life, Health (LTC), Annuities, Property and Casualty

* Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier * Developing Sales Agent of the Year * Financial Consultant, Business Planning and Strategist * Retirement, Benefit Strategist, Estate Planning * Trained in aspects of Insurance Policy and Contracts * Financial Profile Analyst including Family and Corporate Budgeting * General Accounting, Budgeting

Education Education Policy Fellowship Program Atlanta, GA Destiny College International Tampa, FL * Doctorate of Ministry Christian Life School of Theology Columbus, GA * Master of Theology Christian Life School of Theology Columbus, GA * Bachelor of Theology Mercy Seat Ministries Atlanta, GA * Clinical Pastoral Counselor

* Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Academic Performance University of Tennessee Chattanooga, TN * Bachelor of Science: Business Administration – Marketing * Athletic Scholarship Recipient * United Way of Greater Atlanta - Mental Health First Aid Certification


Involvement * United Way of Greater Atlanta - Community Building Institute * National PTA Council of States, Georgia Representative * Georgia PTA Board Member - Legislative Chair * Georgia PTA Nominating Committee – Chair * Georgia PTA Education Committee - Chair * Georgia PTA By-laws Committee Member * Georgia PTA Youth Involvement Committee Member * Georgia PTA - Federal Legislative Specialist * South Fulton Council PTA – Vice President * Westlake High School PTSA – President * Westlake High School PTSA - Parliamentarian * Better Standards for a Better Georgia Coalition * Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education - Council Member * Atlanta Regional Commission-Educated Subcommittee * South Fulton National Day of Prayer - Coordinator


Experience * AT&T Pioneers * Junior Achievement * Woodbridge at Parkway Village – Senior Active Living Residence * United Rehab of Dogwood, Fairburn Nursing Care * March of Dimes * Hands of Praise International Ministries – Board Member

Rochelle Lindsey

Hello Neighbors! My name is Rochelle Lindsey and I would like to earn your support to represent District 4 on the City of South Fulton Council. My family moved to South Fulton so that my daughter, Allie, could grow up in a family-friendly community. I am a working mom and was inspired to run because I want to ensure that the needs and concerns of working families are always considered. I want our community to be a place where our schools are high-performing, all families feel safe, children can thriveand seniors can live peacefully into retirement.

Cityhood provides South Fulton with a new opportunity to solidify its place as a beacon of growth and an incubator for economic development. As your City Councilwoman, I will advocate for the creation of a comprehensive and sustainable growth plan that includes deliverable of services, such as sanitation, police etc., budgets, human capital, and safety plans. Over the next few years, we will work together to develop a solid foundation, so that our City can continue to prosper.

As your City Council representative, I will operate with transparency, accountability and responsibility. My years of experience working in the public sector will be a tremendous asset. I have managed projects, such as a the implementation of a national mentoring program, overseen budgets, engaged in contract negotiations, developed human capital and worked in collaboration with nonprofits, corporations, small businesses, and government agencies. I have worked on federal, state, and local contracts and understand what it takes to make government more productive, efficient, and accessible.  I wholeheartedly believe in convening a diverse community coalition to make sure that every voice is considered and constituents’ ideas are incorporated in the decision process.

If you elect me to represent District 4, my focus will be on making sure that small businesses are supported, our city promotes quality healthcare centers, advocating for smart economic development, and equipping our neighborhoods with tools to maximize safety.  Additionally, I will tap into my network of nonprofit relationships to bring effective and impactful quality youth programs to the City. As a City Council member, I want to establish “Citizen Education” forums to teach our residents about local government operations and how to partner with officials on local initiatives. From these forums, I am hoping to establish community work groups to help the Council and Mayor make informed decisions and utilize resources available to the City to establish S.M.A.R.T solutions.

With my experience, passion for the community, and leadership abilities, I will represent District 4 with honor. My engagement in the community has always been hands-on and fully invested. I ask for your vote and your support in building a booming City of South Fulton.


Rochelle Lindsey

Richard M. Loveland, Jr.

Richard M. Loveland, Jr. was born December 27th to the late Richard M. Loveland, Sr. and the late Dorothy A. Loveland in Camden, NJ.  Faith, family, education and community are the principles he lives by having grown up the son of a preacher.

Educated in the New Jersey public school system Richard was very active in many extra-curricular activities.  Richard was a percussionist in the band, as well as, the orchestra.  Athletically he was involved in many sports from wrestling to cross-country among others earning several varsity letters.

Richard was a very active member of the Boy’s and Girl’s Club.  He was recognized by the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of America and awarded Youth of the Year for his outstanding leadership and community service. He was also recognized by the Salvation Army for outstanding community service.

With the strong sense of family and community Richard chose to attend a HBCU to begin and complete his collegiate career. Richard majored in Political Science with a strong desire to know and understand how government actually works so he can advocate for programs and services for the community.  During his matriculation Richard served on the Student Government Association in various capacities from Treasurer to Class President.  Richard also pledged a fraternity while in college which truly embodied his passion for service.  Richard along with the other members of his fraternity embody “Culture for service and Service for Humanity” and proudly promote brotherhood, scholarship and service.

Richard enlisted in the United States military and proudly served our country.  During his time in the military Richard spent time at several posts around the globe.  Richard served oversees as part of the Southern European Task Force.  As a serviceman of the United States military’s only Airborne Battalion Combat Team he took part in joint operations with NATO, Belgium, Italy, and France to name a few.  Always being prepared with a constant state of readiness when called upon and remaining disciplined under pressure to see every task through to completion are just a few things Richard learned from his time in the service.

Staying true to his principles Richard mentored countless young people throughout his life encouraging them to “Dare To Be Great”.  Drawing off his personal life experiences knowing that you can be better than your circumstance, no matter what your social or economic status is you can achieve greatness.  Many of the young people that he has mentored have gone from “at-risk” to college-educated, productive, positive role models for others. They have progressed and thrived with careers in both the public and private sectors.  Each One, Teach One.

Richard is a results-focused management professional with 20 years of progressive leadership experience in industries including Law Enforcement, Warehousing, Communications, Aviation, Retail and Non-classifiable Establishments.  His specialties include but are not limited to, personnel management, inventory management, forecasting, performance analysis, policy analysis, budget analysis, staff development, accountability and team building.

Richard and his family have been residents of South Fulton for 15 years.  The most important thing to Richard is being a good husband and father, including the safety and security of his family, the quality education of his son, having a safe neighborhood to reside in, having programs and services available to give our young people something productive to do so they are not out in the streets getting into trouble, maintaining the property values of our community and accountability.  With his experience, management skills, and leadership abilities Richard will make an excellent representative for our community and district as a City Councilman for District 4.  Together we can make our city a model for all other cities in the Atlanta Metro Area.

Judith Sunshine Martin

Known for her boundless enthusiasm and glass-half-full optimism, Judith Sunshine Martin knows what it takes to build a dream from scratch, and fully understands that for anything to thrive, a strong foundation is the key.

Like many who have moved to this area, Judith Sunshine was drawn to Atlanta’s entrepreneurial aura when she made the decision eight years ago to relocate her family from Philadelphia.  Making a cross-country trek as a single mother with two kids would have seemed daunting for some, but it was vintage Judith Sunshine. To those who knew her it was par the course for a community engager who relishes making connections, forging new business paths, and continually reinventing herself.

Judith Sunshine Martin moved to the Atlanta area on faith and the knowledge that her fearlessly determined personality and hard work ethic would make the challenge of moving to a new city with school-age children manageable.

Born on the small  progressive island of Jamaica that has given the world leaders, such as Marcus Garvey,  Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice (both first generation Americans), Judith Sunshine along with her family  migrated to the United States at the dawn of her teenage years.  The family settled in Philadelphia where she graduated from Sayre Junior High School, West Philadelphia Catholic Girls Preparatory High School, and St. Joseph’s University, with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Professional Communications. This was where her passion for community service emerged. One of her first volunteer efforts was the creation of “Adopt a Grandparent” where she convinced her teenage friends to visit seniors at a local senior living community.  Later, this became Judi Sunshine’s lifelong passion, advocating for the Elderly.

Deeply rooted in church & community, Judith Sunshine believes that her strong faith has developed in her an insatiable desire to serve her community and has proven this throughout her life.

From her choice of current career as a Director at a senior living community to her numerous volunteer efforts, ranging from rallying the community to vote, to developing successful community forums that were used as vehicles to get community and government leaders to meet their constituencies, and answer their questions; and where businesses executives and owners could talk directly to their consumers.  Some of those organizations have included Philadelphia Fire Dept., Social Security Administrations, Homeland Security and City Government.


Her experience also includes diplomatic relations, having worked with high profile international leaders. Judith Sunshine forged relationships with their US counterparts that developed working relationships on charitable endeavors.  She was also an active community outreach advisor to the Jamaican Honorary Consulate in Philadelphia and was one of the initial advisors on the Philadelphia Mayor's Commission on African and Caribbean Immigrant Affairs.

Ms. Martin has never been ok with the idea of just being a board member and making decisions. She has proven over and over again that she is an active leader; she gets into the fight and gets her hands dirty regardless if it is something as small as writing an editorial on unfair treatment or as large as boycotting businesses that takes from the community without giving back.

Judith Sunshine Martin may be new to running for political office; however, she is not new to building from scratch. From scratch, she built a successful life as a single mother of two college students, built three businesses and collaborated on other business start-ups.  She knows how to successfully build, lead, and connect to get the job done. It is that type of tenacity and zest she will take to City Council to work for every resident of South Fulton. Today she is to stepping out in front and letting her experience and knowledge guide her to work for you.

Residents of District 4 deserve to have someone with her knowledge, attitude and vigor to sit at the table to represent them when certain decisions are being made for them.  They can rest assure, knowing that she has their best interest first and foremost. She will work diligently to make City of South Fulton successful, and be the place where everyone wants to live, play, work, brag about being a resident and where businesses want to come. She wants to lead the efforts to make City of South Fulton one of the best places to live in Georgia.

Everyone has a vision but not everyone has the know how to implement said vision, Judith Sunshine Martin is a visionary leader, who is fearless, and ready to implement, to collaborate, and to make our vision of a great city a reality.

It is said without a strong foundation you’ll have trouble creating anything of value. As a City Council member, Ms. Martin believes that STARTING OFF STRONG is key to our success. Starting strong must include the FUNDAMENTAL FOUR: (see website for detail information

  1. FOUNDATION: Create a citywide culture that puts its citizens first.
  2. SENIORS & CHILDREN: Create engaging activities/programs that foster their well-being.
  3. EDUCATION: Develop programs that foster continued education via P.E.P.
  4. BRANDING: Attracts businesses & visitors to enhance revenue growth.

Let’s be strong from the start, ELECT Judith Sunshine Martin-strong ethics, strength of will and knowledge to achieve long term goals.

Mandisha Thomas

As a resident of South Fulton, Mandisha Thomas understands and will continuously work tirelessly through community engagement, volunteerism and activism to ensure that community members receive ONLY the best in quality healthcare, community/economic development, partnerships, and the creation of quality youth programs within the new City of South Fulton.

The daughter of a retired nurse; who dedicated her life to the care of the elderly and an Army veteran; who served his country and fought for the freedom of its citizens, Mandisha isn’t one to shy away from a challenge and stand for what’s right.

At a young age, Mandisha served as Community Engagement Specialist for then California State Representative candidate, Nancy Pelosi; coordinating mass media, administrative tasks and community efforts. Because of her grassroots effort, and those of many others on the campaign, Pelosi’s political career was propelled into national spotlight. After relocated to Georgia, Mandisha remained involved in her community and local and state politics. She volunteered and contributed in the same role for many years on various campaigns, but more recently for Georgia State Representative, Debra Bazemore.

Through her countless humanitarian efforts, Mandisha has served on the task-force to bring city-hood to South Fulton. Because of her continued faith in the community that she loves and supports, she has served as the director of the Cliftondale Community Association Fall Festival for the past several years. Under her guidance, the festival has grown to well over 400 attendees, annually; potentially pumping thousands into the local economy - showcasing small businesses and providing resources to citizens to be better informed about issues facing South Fulton.

A graduate of Grambling State University; obtained degree in political science, and Central Michigan University; obtained Masters of Science in Administration with emphasis in Human Resources, Mandisha has led a successful career as a healthcare business consultant – understanding the value and need for readily accessible quality healthcare and community and economic development within the South Fulton community.

As a candidate, Mandisha is driven to ensure that the City of South Fulton is a representation of the “People’s Voice” and that the path towards community progression, togetherness and partnership with experienced and dedicated leadership begins with a plan led by a present and active community servant.

Join Mandisha in her quest to be the “People’s Voice” of the great citizens of the City of South Fulton, District 4 by voting “Mandisha Thomas” for City Council!

Barbara Williams

My name is Barbara Williams, I have been married to Johnny for 25 years, and we have 3 wonderful children.  Jasma, currently serving in the U.S. Air Force, Johnny II, a senior and Jayla, a sophomore at Langston Hughes High School.  We have lived in South Fulton for 25 years.

I am very dedicated and highly motivated to the community of South Fulton.  I was very excited when the referendum passed to become a city.  The city needs to get off to a strong and smooth start.  I will work very well with the other elected officials to do what is best for the citizens of South Fulton.

I love my community and believe in taking the initiative in working in the community and giving back to make the community better.  In the early 2000, I was one of the few volunteers to help start the South Fulton Little League baseball organization because our kids needed more options in the neighborhood.

I also saw a need for our girls to have more options in our neighborhood which allowed me to start a Girl Scouts troop.  I started my troop at Renaissance Elementary School in 2007, we then moved to Cliftondale Elementary School.  This was and still is one the largest Girl Scout troop in Metro Atlanta.  The troop presently resides at Arlington Christian School.

I served on the committee to name 3 South Fulton Schools; Renaissance Elementary, Renaissance Middle and Langston Hughes High School.   I have serve as a board member on the Willow Creek HOA, and I have organized the community health fairs in South Fulton for the past five years.

  • I am a Charter Representative for South Fulton Boy Scouts of America.
  • I am an Arlington Christian School Cheerleaders Coach.
  • I am a member of the Cliftondale Community Club
  • I am a member of Friendship Community Church.

I live, shop, play, work, and eat in South Fulton and I look forward to working not only with you but for you because I am dedicated, determined and dependable to get the job done!

Mrs. Barbara Williams

Certified Notary

Email: [email protected]