Mark Baker

Mark Baker embodies the definition of socially interchangeable.  The former Professor of Current Issues in African American Studies and Introduction to Women Studies at Clark Atlanta University is also a retired Fulton County Schools Resource Officer and certified instructor of Law Enforcement Officer's response to Weapons of Mass Destruction by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. Mark is a Screen Writer, Author, Philanthropist, and has been a nationally renowned lecturer, who discovered that he wasn't too bad of a cook either. During the 2014 Atlanta Snow Storm he rolled up his sleeves in the Fulton County Schools cafeteria to make dinner for over 100 displaced Langston Hughes High School and Renaissance Middle School students. He stayed overnight and well into the next afternoon maintaining order, coordinating resting arrangements and providing safety for the children.

Mark has served on various panels and forums professing "The Radical Honesty Movement," sharing the stages with the likes of David Banner under President Obama's "My Brother's Keeper Initiative" and Fulton County Chairman John Eaves. He's also lectured at Conferences at Georgia Tech amongst the likes of Chuck D, Roland Martin and Dr. Mae Jemison.  His theories are unique and he provides advice that empowers others to be successful in various walks of life... His dedication and directly involved commitment to the students and families in the South Fulton County community, especially District 7, are unrelenting. In his spare time he has supported our youth by attending games and by being an assistant coach on the school team. He's taken students to his University Lectures and instilled options in our young people beyond the common plans of music and athletics as career choices. Totally unlike anyone before, and in a non-traditional fashion, Mark serves as a liaison for bridging the gaps between the young people and the community they will one day serve.

Mark is a graduate of Dillard University of New Orleans and he attended Clark Atlanta University for his Masters and Doctoral degrees.  While being employed at the University's Department of Public Safety he worked as Community Relations Officer, Sergeant and Shift Supervisor.  He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated, and former "On-Campus" advisor for Clark Atlanta University's Gamma Kappa Chapter. He also served as Graduate Vice President of the University.

His honors include nominations for Atlanta's Top Thirty Under Thirty and Runner Up out of hundreds nationwide for "Man of the Year" by Today’s Black Women Magazine. Currently he is a Board Member of Brothers United Atlanta and the Founder and Servant of HBCU Student Government Alliance.

Mark is currently an Independent Educational Consultant and Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association. He is also a proud graduate of the 10th anniversary class of Fulton County Citizen's University.

Marcus Coleman

The area of South Fulton has played a major role  in the life of Marcus Coleman and has helped in molding  him--preparing him for his life’s journey.

A member of the  first graduating class to complete four years at Westlake high school in 1992, Marcus also was a member of the class that completed its first three years at the newly developed Camp Creek middle school, and  he is a product of Brookview elementary school.  His  roots run deep in unincorporated Fulton County.
Marcus has been an advocate for numerous initiatives highlighting the plight of the misrepresented, overlooked, and unfortunate individuals in society. His dedication and work has gained national and international recognition.  His work also has been featured on several national television shows to include  “The Doctors”, ABC “20/20”, and “Inside Edition”. In 2013 Marcus became the Founder and CEO of Save Our Selves (SOS), a group with four major focal points; prison reform, youth mentorship, homelessness, and elderly outreach.  The SOS annual free legal clinic is an event helping hundreds in the community access assistance in any area of law.  He is also the founder and former president of National Action Network (NAN) Atlanta, earning chapter president of the year award in 2007. Mr. Coleman is responsible for the acquisition of the Southeastern Regional Headquarters of National Action Network in October of 2007 located in the Historic West End District in Atlanta Georgia.
In November 2007, Marcus was recognized as one of the nation’s most fiery young leaders, in a CNN special report with journalist Don Lemon. Recently, Marcus was named activist of the year for 2015 by Community Advocates in Action, received an award from the Secretary of State as an Outstanding Georgia Citizen, and was recognized by "Let Us Make Man" with a Community Service Award.
As a five year youth football head coach, Coach Coleman is able to take a hands on approach when reaching the younger generations by instilling the importance of team work, dedication, and strategy. Not long ago, as it relates to unincorporated Fulton County, Marcus spearheaded the Greystone Power Company initiative. Ultimately resulting in Greystone having to conduct a massive tree trimming task, clearing all branches in the easements for a number of improvement projects. Plans to build a five million dollar sub-power station are also in the works .  Thousands of residents were able to maintain consistent power in their homes from this effort.
In November 2016,  Marcus was selected to participate in an interview with leaders across the Country by Story Corps, discussing the legacy of President Barack Obama. These conversations are for an exhibit paying tribute to the first United States African American President. This historical project will be archived in the Library of Congress, as well as in the Obama Foundation.
As a father of two boys, husband, activist, and entrepreneur, Marcus plans to impact the lives of families by assisting those who are in need throughout the country. Marcus Coleman's motto is “Balancing the Scale of Justice”, which he vigorously applies day to day.

Linda Pritchett

My name is Linda Pritchett, I am a resident of Fulton County, and I am running for City Council in District 7 of the New City of South Fulton.   Why am I running again?  I have a vested interest in my community and the new city which we have just formed.  My commitment to community involvement has continued throught my previous campaigns and I believe I have lots to offer this new city in terms of leadership, dedication and hard work.  When you truly believe in what you stand for and are trying to accomplish, you continue until you meet those ojbectives.  This is why I am so excited about this opportunity to serve you in one of the greatest new cities in the United States.  For more information about me and my platform, please visit my website [email protected].

Alvin Reynolds


“Change is the one thing that is ordained to happen although some change is not always just the direction of one’s change lies within us.”

The New City of South Fulton has embraced that Change

I am so proud and grateful of the decision that was made to take control of overdue and much needed change in what is now known as the New City of South Fulton, a change that was instilled in me as I grew up watching those that paved the way for such a change to take place, we the residence of this New City thank you as we will make you and those that are no longer here with us proud as we pave the way for those that are coming behind us.

Over the past sixteen years that I’ve lived in the Unincorporated South Fulton area I have enjoyed the privilege of serving as The Lake Royale HOA President, working with our youth and seniors through schools, churches, and non-profit organizations.

I held the office of Parliamentary with the group South Fulton United the group that opened the gateway for the birth of this new and great city. For the past fifteen years, I’ve been employed with Interstate Hotels and Resorts where I am the Assistant Director of Engineering, prior to that ten years with Marriott Hotels, holding the position of Chief Engineer.

While these positions have allowed me to use my expertise and knowledge of planning, zoning, comprehensive planning, budgeting, and organizing to go before the Citizens Zoning Board, Board of Commissioners, Fire, Police and Code Enforcement with concerning issues of the communities.

My educational background certification achievements consisted of apprenticeship and university training and studies at: Chattanooga State Technical, Oak Ridge Universities, DeKalb Technical Community College and Fieriest State University.

Being able to work closely with local and state representatives of all branches of government, while serving as a community activist and fully understanding its functions. I am committed to the task of servicing and representing our communities.

I am asking for your support to elect me for the office of City Council in District 7 in The New City of South Fulton. (March 21, 2017)