When Campaigning Becomes Ugly

Signs are the First Casualty in Attempt to Lead New City

Politics is known as  a contact sport in Georgia. It has not taken long for the newly minted City of South Fulton to get it's first taste of action. Many of signs were destroyed during the campaign for the city. Now the action continues as campaign signs for mayoral and council candidates are being destroyed or stolen.

Many of us have seen the bright new signs along the right-of-way for the candidates seeking office. We've also noticed those same signs are being destroyed and/or stolen. Why? What makes a candidate or his/her supporter(s) destroy the property of another candidate? What makes them think it's okay? We are seeking to build a different kind of city. If those seeking elective office and/or their supporter(s) are not civil now, then what's going to happen if they are elected?

If you or your supporter(s) are behind the destruction of signage. I implore you to step aside because you are not the type of person we need running our city. If you have knowledge of anyone destroying signage you are an accomplice. Your actions are criminal in nature and it's clear you have bad judgement and that's not the type of judgement we need leading our city.

We have to be the change agents that we seek to make our lives better. That starts with being civil to one another. This is not a nasty fight on Next Door regarding what types of flowers should adorn the entrance to the subdivision. These actions as stated earlier are criminal. If you see someone removing or destroying a sign use your phone and take a picture of them and their car tag. Send that information to the Fulton County Police.

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