The Fix Is In

It didn’t take long for someone to break their silence on HB 704. Representative Roger Bruce told WABE Radio that the Mayor of Atlanta killed HB 704. In the interview, Atlanta says they were not seeking to annex land in South Fulton. So the meeting with Sandtown is just a meet and greet? LMAO Atlanta schools is a no go for most parents in the Sandtown and South Fulton community.

Meanwhile, Atlanta official are now trying to blame 911 responses times on Fulton County. The story Fox 5 aired was nothing short of a hit job. For the past five years there has not been a problem with Fulton County Fire & Rescue responses or 911. All of a sudden Atlanta is wanting to annex more land so they concoct a story there’s a problem with 911 response to the area.

Atlanta knows they put those annexed communities in jeopardy when they annexed them. Fulton receives about $250,000 a year to fight fires and provide EMT services along Dansforth and Guilford Forest. It’s an area in the heart of West Cascade.