Residential Development Proposed for Land Across from Renaissance Elementary and Middle School

The Proposed Union City Development Reviewed by the ARC

Hall Road and Jones Road will get quite a bit busier if a proposed 202 acre 518 residential unit development is approved.  The proposed development would consist of 330 single family homes, 188 townhomes and one commercial space. The development would sit on the corner of Hall and Jones Road across from Renissance Elementary and Middle Schools.

The project was reviewed by the Atlanta Regional Commission under the Development of Regional Impact program. The study stated,

It should be noted that the intensity of this DRI is higher than the ARC RDG's recommended development
parameters for density in Developing Rural areas. The DRI does appear less intense than what is
recommended for the “Urban-Neighborhood Emerging” character area in Union City’s current
Comprehensive Plan. In terms of land use, the project is in a part of the region that is experiencing rising
development pressure. Meanwhile, many area near the subject site are predominated by lightly developed or
undeveloped properties and agricultural-residential properties, some of which are outside the City of Union
City’s jurisdiction (e.g., the City of South Fulton immediately north and west of the site). In view of these
factors, it will be critical for Union City leadership and staff, along with the applicant team, to collaborate to
the greatest extent possible to ensure maximum sensitivity and mitigate potential impacts to nearby local
governments, neighborhoods, natural resources and land uses.

The square footage for the single family homes are proposed at 2,400 square feet and the townhomes will be a maximum of four stories. The one commercial space is proposed at 8,000 square feet. The traffic study suggested the paving of Jones Road from the entrance of the development north to Hall Road.

It remains to be seen if the City of South Fulton and Union City work together to pave the balance of Jones Road south to Cedar Grove Road and subsequently to Highway 92.

See the ARC Report here and a pdf of the proposed plat on the Development page of this site.