Lower Sanitation Rates Available

Courtesy: Waste Industries
Courtesy: Waste Industries

Residents living outside of the 400 plus subdivisions within the City of South Fulton can take advantage of lower sanitation service pricing. Here's what you should do. Contact your nearest subdivision(s) and ask which  sanitation services they are using.

The idea here is the lower your rate and take advantage of the economy of scale pricing that subdivisions receive over individual homeowners. Generally, if the subdivision(s) has enough residents to get a bulk discount you can probably get the same rate. After all those companies can't service those homes without driving by your home.

Waste Industries Looking to Service More Homes

Homeowner Associations Waste Industries wants to service your homes and those nearby. If you have 400 or more homes within your subdivision or combined with one or more nearby subdivisions your quarterly sanitation rate can be lowered. Additionally, the quarterly cost will include recycling.

Nearby individual homeowners can get lower rates as well when a subdivision joins Waste Industries. Homeowner leadership should call Waste Industries at 770-474-9273 ask to speak with Maggie.