Governor Propose An Amendment to Take Over Failing Schools

Governor Nathan Deal’s proposed Georgia constitutional amendment to to take over failing schools is awashed in Atlanta Public Schools. Out of the 141 listed schools, Atlanta has 27 schools on the list. What’s striking is several high schools/ and or high school learning centers made the list including Benjamin E. Mays High. Fulton County schools had seven schools on the list most notably Banneker and Creekside High Schools, McNair Middle School and Holmes, Heritage, Mt. Olive and Parklane Elementary School. Dekalb County was second with 26 schools on the list including three high schools, Columbia, M.L. King and Towers. Clayton County on the other hand had four entries – Cox Elementary School and three Drew, Forest Park, and Riverdale High Schools.

See the list of schools here and the Georgia Constitutional Amendment here

For those seeking to send their children to Atlanta Public Schools upon annexation by Atlanta this should give you pause.

One thing is for sure the list is way too long no matter what system educates your child.