Deal’s Veto of CoSF Annexation of FIB is Not the End

Gateway on FIB

The City of South Fulton won a partial victory on May 8 as Governor Nathan Deal signed HB 869 while vetoing HB 870. HB 869 removes the constitutional cover that prevents Fulton Industrial Boulevard from being inside any city. With the Governor's signature residents of Fulton County will go to the polls in November to vote on whether to remove the cover. The veto of HB 870 prevents the industrial commercial area from automatically being placed in the City of South Fulton, if the referendum passes.

South Fulton officials have to convince the landowners along the 9.3 mile stretch that the new city is the best place for their businesses while a campaign must be put together to get the entire County to go along with lifting the cover. The CoSF stands to gain what was once the largest industrial zone east of the Mississippi River. An economic engine that could propel South Fulton forward for decades to come. Meanwhile, Fulton County Schools stand to lose millions of dollars if FIB is annexed into Atlanta affecting schools in South and North Fulton

South Fulton residents should be ready to head to the polls to make the CoSF whole and help our schools.